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I have a few of the social networks I’m part of as ‘widgets’ on my page, but it doesn’t make sense to clutter up the blog with all those links. With the recommendation of several people, I’ve joined even more networks lately and thought I’d list them here for you. A few I’ve only just got started with, so bear with me if things are a bit bare on some of them.

Of course, where everything I do can be found in one place is my website:

YouTube – tutorial videos and music videos

SoundCloud – Audio tracks, some unique to soundcloud, others from my albums and more

Twitter – Where I’m probably most active. I duplicate some of my tweets on my Facebook artist page

Facebook – My artist page.

LinkedIn – I’ve only just started on there, but if you’re part of linkedin you can see some of my background

Tumblr – Just getting started. I won’t duplicate this blog there. I plan to focus on short snippets with pictures.

Pinterest – Why not? I’m just getting started here too.

Please feel free to follow, like, join, pin or whatever the term is you do for each one. I really don’t care if I have thousands of followers, but it would be nice to have some. What I’d really like is more comments, replies and interaction on any or all of these sites.


About jamesgilbertmusic

JamesGilbertMusic is a web based publisher of sheet music and mp3 files. The founder, James Gilbert, is a pianist, organist composer/arranger and piano teacher. He offers piano lessons in Micanopy.
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