New video: Importing XML files into Sibelius 7

Importing XML files into Sibelius 7

I’ve posted a new video on YouTube about importing and editing XML files in Sibelius 7.

One can take MusicXML files exported from such programs as Finale and import into Sibelius. Some tips on doing that and editing them once they are in Sibelius.

In addition to the tips on the video, there is also a plug-in available to batch convert a whole folder of XML files. Once one does that, it sometimes is good to run another plug-in. That being the import house style into a folder. Both plugins can help speed up the editing of the music once it is in Sibelius.




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2 Responses to New video: Importing XML files into Sibelius 7

  1. Nancy says:

    I am searching for Sibelius 7 Music Software Online Course and found this :

    Please confirm me whether this will help me OR not. Your comments will surely help me a lot.

    • I was tempted to delete this comment as it sounds a bit like spam promoting the course in the guise of a question. But, to give you the benefit of the doubt, I know nothing of the instructor, the university offering the course or the course itself. So I can offer no opinion on whether to take it or not. If money is not an issue, why not? However, many of the things it is talking about can be found in YouTube videos for free. Some can’t. I also like a company called that offers a good Sibelius introduction course. I’d search YouTube first for specific Sibelius topics that you’re interested in and see if that does the job. Check out my own YouTube channel where I have a few Sibelius related tutorials:

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