Music Soundtrack Example

I’ve put together another video on YouTube. This one is focused on the music, not the video.

The music is an original composition for potential use as background music to a video — a soundtrack.

For the sounds used, I used instruments from Komplte 8 Ultimate. There are 2 Massive tracks (Blue in Grey and Found Objects). There are 2 Evolve Mutations 2 tracks (Aqueous Slammerz and Fartherest Star Menu) as well as Violins and Cellos using the animator feature of Sessions Strings Pro (pop 3 & 4) and a solo violin patch.

The original composition was put together in Sibelius 7. The melodic elements are based on a 12 tone row. The percussive elements (the mutations tracks in particular) are based on rhythmic figures.

The score was transferred to Reaper DAW via MIDI. The sounds were rendered from the above mentioned instruments.

Your comments, either here or on YouTube are welcomed.


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JamesGilbertMusic is a web based publisher of sheet music and mp3 files. The founder, James Gilbert, is a pianist, organist composer/arranger and piano teacher. He offers piano lessons in Micanopy.
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