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That’s the location for this blog and all its previous content. Visit AND REGISTER so you can keep up with the latest.

During 2018 I’ll be removing the posts from here and they will only be available at the above link.

See what you’ve missed so far in 2018:

Sheet Music Plus for composers

Results Of My Contest Entry

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Newly released sheet music

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News for 2018

As many of you have noticed, it has been a long time since I’ve posted here. I’ve been in the process of moving the blog to my own website. I’ve finally made the transition. This will be the last post at this location. The new blog is at:

OR Click here to visit the new blog

I hope to be posting there more often than I have in this past year.



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Sheet Music Plus distributing my music

New Distributor for my sheet music

If you are a musician I hope you’ve heard of If you want a piece of music, they probably have it.


Click on the picture to go to my music on Sheet Music Plus

I’m happy to announce that they are now distributing my sheet music via their Digital Music section. As of this date I have over 300 titles available. As with my site, the music is available in digital form. You can either print out a copy or you can load it onto your tablet using their app.

In the short time my music has been available there, it has been popular. Please share this with your musician friends and take advantage of it yourself.

Click on the picture above to go to my music on SheetMusicPlus digital. I will be adding more sheet music and MP3 files to the site this year.


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SheetMusicPlus Digital

For those who may not know this, SheetMusicPlus – an online distributor of printed sheet music – is also selling music digitally. As a composer/arranger, they allow me to submit material to be published digitally. I get the impression they prefer original material rather than your new typesetting of a public domain title. From the customer standpoint, one can either print out a copy or use an app for a tablet. Apparently they only have an app for the iPad and not Android devices.

I’m happy to announce that I now have about 50 titles (collections) available for purchase on the SheetMusicPlus digital download site: music on SheetMusicPlus

You’ll find Choral, Organ, Piano, Handchime and Handbell titles. The organ music includes solo material and hymn accompaniments.

Of course, I’d like it more if you bought material straight from my website (and the website has more content and no DRM restrictions like their site). I also have free titles available at my website

You may find obtaining my music via this new service easier or better for you than my website. Either way, I encourage you to check out the listings at either location and please spread the word about my music.

My recordings can be found on iTunes, GooglePlay, Spotify as well as CD-Baby.

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My music on Soundcloud

My music on Soundcloud

For those that did not know and for those that would like a single link, I have a number of titles available on Soundcloud. Some are full-length titles and a few are only found on Soundcloud. Here’s a list of everything I’ve got on Soundcloud.

Here’s the Soundcloud list:

To listen to full albums of my music, I recommend using Spotify:


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